How to use MsingiPACK

Is this your first time on MsingiPACK? Welcome to the most comprehensive e-Learning, rich, interactive multimedia kit.
Using MsingiPACK is both easy and exciting. 

Before Using MsingiPACK
Depending on the device, (Windows or Android) Download and install MsingiPACK App. Download it from the Shop.

After successfully downloading and installing MsingiPACK, follow the following easy steps to start using.

Accessing Content
Launch MsingiPACK App for Windows or Android installed on your device.

Import from Cloud
Step 1
If this is the first time to access from the main page Click on the IMPORT TO FROM CLOUD button below Getting Started Guide.

Step 2
Login to your store account using the Email and Password you used when purchasing the content from MsingiPACK Store.
Step 3
Select the content you purchased from the list and click DOWNLOAD. The download process will start immediately 
NOTE: Ensure you have a good internet connection. The period it takes to download depends on the package size as well as your internet speeds.

Once the import process is complete, your content unit will appear on the main front page. 

NOTE: If this does not display automatically, click on the Home button located on the top left corner.

Import from File
This option is available to allow users to perform an offline import of content to the application. You can download your content first to your computer or from a different device or computer transfer them to the device that you would like to have them consumed.

Step 1
After purchasing your content unit(s), click on the download option button provided to start downloading the content.

Step 2
Launch MsingiPACK and from the Import Menu on the top, select Import from file option from the menu.

 Step 3
Click on CONTINUE button to select the file to import and click open. Locate and select the file.

Once the import starts note the progress bar at the bottom indicating progress. Once successful your content unit will appear and ready to launch.

Launching Content

Launch MsingiPACK to display the content units available. Click on the content unit to open and view the content 

Accessing Content Properties
Accessing content unit properties enables you to access such information as License Validity Period and Publisher information.
To access content properties right click on the content unit and the select View Properties. This will display the content properties information.

Deleting Content from MsingiPACK
You may want to remove some content that you may not require or free space for more content.
To delete content, click on the trash can button on the top right section.
Select the content you may want to remove by clicking on it.
Click on Delete. 
A warning message appears as shown below. 
NOTE:  You will not be able to recover any deleted content from MsingiPACK.

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