How to Buy MsingiPACK

1. Navigate and Explore the different featured content categories available on the main store.
 You can also view the Recommended  products, Top sellers, New & best rated.

2. Click on the category menu or content unit you wish to purchase. Example Grade 1 CBC or Mathematics Class 8.

3. For each unit you can view a description and a review.

4. Enter the quantity you wish to purchase. By default 1 unit is selected.

5. Click ADD TO CART. You will get a notification of product added successfully to the cart with option to check out.

6. If you wish to add more products you can continue shopping and adding more products to the cart.

7. The items added to the cart will be displayed at the top right section  with a cart and number of items selected and total amount.

8. To view your cart details click on the cart. If you are done with shopping you can proceed to checkout

9. When ready you can checkout by selecting your prefered payment method. We support the following payment options

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • PayPal

10. Proceed to make your payment and get confirmation.

11. That is it you can now download and access your content.

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