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Products Purchase & Licenses

How can I check MsingiPACK content descriptions, reviews and rating before buying?

Click on the content unit thumbnail or link. This will open additional details about the content unit. Below the content unit, you will be able to see Description and reviews about the content unit.


How do I place an order?

  • Go online to MsingiPACK store Like a normal online shop, select the content you would like to buy and click add to cart.
  • Your cart will show at the top right with the contents you selected. Click ‘FINISH’.
  • You will now start the check-out process.
  • Register or login using your account to complete the payment of your order.

How can I find the right content on MsingiPACK?

  • Click on main categories provided to easily find the content units you would like to purchase.
  • You can also click on the Shop menu and on the left side bar you can search, Sort and filter the content levels.
  • Can I buy multiple content units at the same time?
  • Yes. You can select multiple content units by simply selecting and adding to cart.
  • The content will appear in your cart with the total amount due.
  • Are there any hidden costs or charges if I buy MsingiPACK product?

No. There are no hidden costs or charges when you order from MsingiPACK store. The total amount of the products purchased are 100% visible at the end of the checkout process.


  • Are MsingiPACK product prices negotiable?

Prices on MsingiPACK Store are not negotiable. MsingiPACK products offered to you at the best prices and deals.


  • How do I know if a product comes with FREE download?
  • The price tag to the content unit will show 0.00 value or will have a FREE tag label.
  • Add the content to the cart and check out. No payment will be required.
  • How do I get a license and activate MsingiPACK content?
      • All products you order from MsingiPACK store will have a license serial.
      • When order process is complete, this will be displayed on the screen and copy sent to your email.
      • The license serial is used to activate and validate the content unit you have purchased when importing them into your device.
  • How long is the license valid?
  • The license is valid for 1 year from the date of installation and activation.
  • The license validity period is displayed within the content unit with date, month and year.
  • What is Import from Cloud?
  • Import from cloud refers to downloading content purchased directly to the device that will be used to access the content.
  • Click on Import from Cloud option and enter your email address and password you used during purchase.
  • A list of the content purchased will appear click on ‘Download’ to start the process of importing from cloud.
  • What is Import from File?
  • This option is available if you do not have internet connection on the device that will access content.
  • You can purchase content using another computer or device.
  • Download the content unit(s) purchased into a media like USB flash disk or SD card.
  • You can also transfer the file using Bluetooth, or cable.
  • Click on Import File.
  • Locate the file location and continue to import.
  • License information will appear click on Offline Activation
  • You will get a request number/code generated for your device and a link to complete the activation.
  • Copy the link and using another computer with internet enter the request code with the serial number plus additional information.
  • Click Activate and you will get activation code.
  • Enter the Activation code together with License serial generated to complete the activation.
  • You may also contact our Customer Care for support on this.


  • How do I track the content I have purchased?
  • You can view the order history by logging in using the email address and password you used to purchase the content units.
  • Click on the top right user icon then click Dashboard to open.
  • Click on My Orders button to view order history.


  • How do I buy a product for a school with computers or tablets?
      • Schools or institutions with a number of computers or devices can also purchase.
      • Schools or institutions are required to generate a quotation with quantities and any other additional service they may require.
      • Click on generate quote from MsingiPACK store and follow the steps of generating quote.
      • Once the quote is received. It will be processed as required.


  • How do I provide product feedback?
      • A feedback form is provided for you to send us feedback.
      • We value your feedback and would be happy to ensure we fulfil them.
      • You can also write a review or comment for MsingiPACK and content units in the sections provided below each of them.


Making Payments

  • How do I pay for content on MsingiPACK?
  • You can pay for content once you check-out by Using M-PESA, PayPal or your Debit/Credit Card.
  • Follow the check-out process provided to pay complete your order process.
  • How do I pay for content with My Debit/Credit card?
    • Link your Debit/Credit card to your PayPal account. When checking out select PayPal option and proceed to complete the payment.
    • Create a PayPal account.

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