About MsingiPACK

With the recent wave towards integrating ICT in Education, allow me to introduce to you MsingiPACK e-Learning solution.

It enables learning to come to all students in innovative, self-paced, adaptive and effective ways with offline capabilities that reduce reliance on the internet.

MsingiPACK contains rich, KICD approved, interactive local digital content currently covering subjects in Grade 1-3 on CBC, all subjects in 8-4-4 Classes 6-8 and revision pack with KCPE exams, auto-mark and tutorial program for the last 15 years. The content runs seamlessly on Android and Windows devices.

Subjects covered in CBC include:

Mathematical Activities, English Activities, Kiswahili Activities, Environmental Activities, Hygiene & Nutrition Activities and Christian Religious Activities

MsingiPACK won V2030 ICT Innovation Awards, Education and training Category by The Kenya ICT Board. 

Key Features

  • Rich, interactive multimedia sessions for the 21st Century child, the best entry into primary school transforming the way a child learns and promoting interactivity and participation while studying.
  • Covering class content under the new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) syllabus and offers interactive environment that will help your child learn faster.
  • MsingiPACK makes learning fun, a perfect student companion for home schooling.
  • State-of-the-art easy to use, based on research, designed by teachers and parents. 
  • Ever wonder what you can do to help your child become more confident?  MsingiPACK delivers a rich, multisensory learning experience for your child.
  • MsingiPACK offers some of the most magical moments in your child’s educational development and learning process.
  • It is 100% local content, based on the new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) and 8-4-4 syllabus, therefore very relevant.
  • It exposes children to not just operating a computer but more importantly making use of the computer and technology.
  • MsingiPACK helps children develop and explore new ideas in a playful and easy to use environment.

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